This is one of my favorite illustraion artists.  I’ve seen this guys work many times, but never caught what his name was.   I absolutely love how he shows his process on his site.  It’s such an inspiration.

This is a great interactive poster designed by Roland Reiner Tiangco.  The poster comes backed with ink that is used to cover the spot varnished type.  Messy and Awesome.

Nice find Kyle!

This is a beautiful T-Shirt design done under the Jabojo Art umbrella by Dustin Royal.  This is the first of many more designs he and a communitee of artists and designers will be submitting to various clothing companies.  If you view this post within the six day window for voting, stop by and vote! p.s. The photo is a link to go Vote!

I will post more about Jabojo at a later time for all those interested.  Have a good weekend and happy voting!

My roommate Cory and I are a bit obsessed with well designed clocks.  I’ve shown these to him, but I figured it was time to share these with other friends who share the same interest.  A few clocks that are teetering on whether or not to be put into production.  Let’s just say for my sake, I don’t need to spend any money on cool clocks right now…but if these were put into production they would totally be on my wall!

The first clock was designed by Vadim Kibardim.  This clock has a self-contained power supply, and can be hung on any surface.  The great thing is that it’s black during the day, and it turns white at night!

This amazing clock entitled “QLOCKTWO” is designed by Biergert & Funk.  This clock comes embedded with German and English fonts to spell the time, and you can add software for different languages.  The only downside is that it cost $1600.

The Cornice modern clock created by Umberto Tolino is a wonderful mesh of art and picture frame.

Takumi, a Japanese company makes these modern wood block clocks, and I happen to be the proud owner of two of them.  I believe they have a great style that will stand the test of time.  I’m very blessed to add them to my collection of nice high-end design items.  Hope you like.

This post by “The Coolist*” shows many innovative wine labels from todays top designers.  It definitely inspired me to think out of the box and not be held back by the “invisible design rules” of everyday design.


Inkwell Wines: Great type face mixed with an amazing graphic.  It’s also photographed well.

Lazarus Wines:  Maybe I’m just partial to braille being used as a design element?  But, I believe is a beautiful element that also uses the sense of touch.

The Wine Case Lamp:  Just the fact that this packaging serves multi purposes is AMAZING!  Every aspect of this design is great, the simplicity, natural material, and DUH….it’s a lamp!  Coolest thing EVER!

Click on the Photo to view the Post! Enjoy.

Nice find Kyle!

This is a great video.  I hate the fact that I’m posting this while I’m at work on a Saturday night, and I’d rather be picking up random attractive female hitchhikers.  Oh long drives in Indiana… I miss you.

So, it’s been awhile, but here is some awesome inspirational stuff to share.

First:  I’ve always been into sustainable furniture and pop-up books.  But this is life SIZE!  At points during this video I wonder if it can actually be used as an actual living space?  Is it an illusion? It’s got me thinking even more about designing my own furniture and pushing the limits on what materials are actually used for everyday use.  I hope you enjoy this video, it’s called “Pop Up” by designers Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner.

Second:  This is fairly old news, but I’m just now figuring it out…One of my favorite albums of this past year was by the band named Anathallo.  Their new cd entitled “Canopy Glow” features artwork from Tim Lowly, a Chicago native.  His work leaves me feeling hopeful and sad all at the same time.  He tends to use his family for the basis of many of his pieces.  In particular his daughter, I think he is trying to convey the feelings that surround her life struggling with her illness?  Enjoy Tim Lowly’s works.

Today’s post I can’t take full credit for.  I asked my “new” friend Lauren for suggestions and she blew my mind with her find.  James Yuill has all the genres I have been listening to lately all wrapped up into a neat little package from the UK.  His use of layering electronic beats with added live instruments is a breath of fresh air.  // I know it’s been done before! But, I think he deserves credit for his unique mixture of Folk/ Alternative/ Pop/ Dance.Electronic/  It sure made my day brigher.  Thanks Lauren!

Key Tracks to listen to:

-This Sweet Love

-No Surprise

-No Pins Allowed: Earth Version

ALSO:  This song will make you dance…I PROMISE!!  I need to get this album, like yesterday!  The song is entitled “Whole World On It’s Head” by POST WAR YEARS.  You will get hooked by the amazing randomness of sound surrounded by beautiful drumming.  Enjoy!!