Today’s post I can’t take full credit for.  I asked my “new” friend Lauren for suggestions and she blew my mind with her find.  James Yuill has all the genres I have been listening to lately all wrapped up into a neat little package from the UK.  His use of layering electronic beats with added live instruments is a breath of fresh air.  // I know it’s been done before! But, I think he deserves credit for his unique mixture of Folk/ Alternative/ Pop/ Dance.Electronic/  It sure made my day brigher.  Thanks Lauren!

Key Tracks to listen to:

-This Sweet Love

-No Surprise

-No Pins Allowed: Earth Version

ALSO:  This song will make you dance…I PROMISE!!  I need to get this album, like yesterday!  The song is entitled “Whole World On It’s Head” by POST WAR YEARS.  You will get hooked by the amazing randomness of sound surrounded by beautiful drumming.  Enjoy!!